Erik Elferink D.O.

My name is Erik Elferink. I was born in 1972 in Enschede and raised in Oldenzaal. Today I live with my wife and two children in Deventer (NL).

After high school, I studied physiotherapy in Leiden.

As a physiotherapist, I enjoyed working in different practices in Germany (in Schwäbisch Gmünd, Bremerhaven, Alstätte and Dinslaken) and the Netherlands (in Zutphen and Lemelerveld).


In Bremerhaven, I came into contact with osteopathy. The overall approach of the man and the fact that I had many "why" questions, made me decide to study osteopathy. The osteopathic training I followed at the Sutherland College in Amsterdam. A six-year post-graduate part-time program, including one year internship (one day a week) in the Integraal Medisch Centrum in Amsterdam.

Since 2004 I am Osteopath D.O. and I started my practice under the name of Osteopathy Erik Elferink. Osteopathy Erik Elferink is a member of the Dutch association of osteopathy (NVO) and registered in the Dutch register for osteopaths (NRO).

Since there are still many "why" questions, I updated regularly and followed postgraduate courses for osteopaths. At first, to train my perception, for example, the course "the biokinetic and biodynamic concept". At a later stage it was the EVOST course (Evolutionary medicine in the OSTeopatic field) to integrate the anatomical and osteopathic knowledge and skills and to provide a common thread. This has made many things that I can put better (logic) and that i have developed a more active and critical attitude.

I organized alongside the inspiring work with people in the osteopathic practice, together with Jean Marie Cortoos (BE), in 2015 the 1st Open Evost Congress. Here were several speakers from America, Canada and England together, who have studied the founder of osteopathy and the history of osteopathy. I have also written articles for the Dutch and German magazine for osteopathy.

My goal the next few years is to help people naturally with their recovery the best possible in the osteopathic practice , to organize meetings around the theme; man, nature and form, and to write articles.