Jean Marie Cortoos D.O.

My name is Jean Marie Cortoos and i live at the west side of Brussels perifery in a place called Dilbeek where is also situated my osteopathic practice since 1991. Since my adolescence i am interested in the relation between body and mind and in eastern thinking.

In 1976 i completed with distinction a Master in Motoric Revalidation and Physiotherapy at VUB university.


The Muscular Chains method of Godelieve Denijs-Struyf, that i followed in the early ‘80 meant for me a beautiful link between body and mind. In 1992 i received the osteopathic diploma with distinction at the Belgian College of Osteopathic Medicine (BCOM), the precursor of the CBO, Collège Belge d’Ostéopathie.

After these studies i engaged for several years in the professional organisation as a director of the SBO-BVO and as president of the VOV where i initiated in 1998 the Osteopathic WE Permanence Service for Flanders. In the mean time i followed the course of Biodynamic Osteopathy given by Joe Grasso (US) and organised by the SCAB. (Sutherland Cranial Academy Belgium)

In 2010 i finished with the first group (A) the course of ‘Evolutionary Medicine in the Osteopathic Field’ (EVOST) given by Max Girardin and Jean-Paul Höppner. This course made me understand the statement of Dr Still about the neverending ‘digging on’ attitude of the osteopath. This expression got a new meaning for me when i read the books of Henri Bortoft about the organic way of thinking of Wolfgang von Goethe. (‘The Wholeness of Nature’ and ‘Taking appearance seriously’

In may 2015, together with my dutch collegue Erik Elferink and with the cooperation of Jean-Paul Höppner, i organised the ‘First Open Evost Congress’ in Maaseik.